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04 September 2007

Californication - of to a good start?

SPOILER for the first three Episodes of CALIFORNICATION

Californication - PromoSo I got to admit, I am and have always been a sucker for David Duchovny. I just liked his style, the movies that he chose to make. Well, at least after I 'got to know him a little' on the X-Files.

So I was quite psyched that he had a new show coming. It centers around a writer who has lost himself. His longterm though not maried relationship fell through, although he still loves the women - and after all, she is the mother of his daugther. So he goes on, screwing his life up, and screwing a lot of women in the course.
The pilot was kind of OK. Funny, although we got to see an minor crowd of naked women, which - belive it or not - I don't usualy like in my TV shows. But it made kind of sense, the leading charakter went just through a lot of women, one-night-stand-wise.
Episode two featured just two naked women, but a rather long sex-scene. The most memorable scene from episode three on the other hand was more of a teaser - in form of a secretary that wanted to seduce her chef, in a If been a bad girl kind of way.

Three Episodes into the series, I'm not quite on board with the show. Something is off. I can see, where they are going, what they are doing and why they feature all the nudity. But I'm just not on board, I'm not in my typical I can't wait for the next episode excitement. Maybee it's because I havn't found a single charakter on the show, that is the least likable ...

Well, I surfed a little around on YouTube the other day and I crashed into a behind the scenes video. Remember the secretary from above? (You better shpould, or your short term memory is seriously on the fritz!) She is a SuicideGirl. Suicide Girls pose for pin ups (aka erotic fotogrphs) and feature a beauty a little apart from the 'norm' - tattoo and piercing wise and by other personal style choices. So, in this behind the scenes video, the regular-kind-of-beauty actress is made up as a suicide girl. But see for yourself:


And yeah, you guessed right: I liked the actress way better than the charakter.

[Momentan in Winamp: Tocotronic - Für immer Dein Feind ]

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