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13 März 2007

You are Hugo?!

Spoilers for Lost 3x11 - Enter 77.

This was the moment, that I waited for more than a year! And what happens? Nothing! So, what is my fuss all about anyway? We all remember fondly the end of season 1 of LOST, when a group of people left the island on a raft - carrying with them a bottle of messages from all the people on the island. Sawyer - being the a-hole that he is - starts reading those messages, including the one from a certain Hugo, leaving his fortune of several million dollars to his mother. Who is Hugo?, he askes himself (and his crew). We alredy knew - it's the sweet overweight guy everybody calls just Hurley.
In the most recent episode of the show, Sawyer gambles away his 'privilege' to call everybody else by nicknames. Including Hurlys, who insists on enforcing this policy and reveals himself as Hugo to Sawyer - Sawyer the conman, as we all remember more or less fondly. You would think that the producers of the show let him have a small slipp, show us an epiphany on his face, connecting 'that fat guy' to millions and millions of cash. But nada, nothing, nichts. It would have been such a clever play to let the viewers know. Now we have to go back to suspicion, every time we see Sawyer interact with Hurley, that it all is part of a con. But, as too often for my taste on LOST, we don't know. We just have to guess.
Damn you, LOST!

[Momentan in Winamp: Seether - Fine Again]

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