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16 März 2007

The only way you leave here, is feet first!

Spoiler für 24 Episode 6x13

Well, I guess the producers of 24 have established, that as long as you are alive (on the show), you can come back. In reverse it means, that as long as a charakter is alive, fans may wish them to return. For the producers the only way out of this annoyance seems to be to just kill the charakter off. I get why it was neccessary to kill David Palmer, but it was not realy neccessary, for sole sake of storydevelopment, to kill Tony and Michelle.
So it did seem tacky to me to bring back former President Charles Logan. Even more so to kill him of. On the other hand: man, I can't wait for them to bring Audrey back ...

[Momentan in Winamp: Counting Crows - Ghost train]

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