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30 März 2007

Have they LOST their minds?

Spoiler für LOST 3x14, Exposé

OK, so we allredy knew that the actress hired to play Nikki - if you hadn't noticed her bevore, she joined the MAIN CAST in the beginning of this season, yet didn't play a major role so far - was alredy on the jump to another project for the next season. So, again, the creatives of LOST had choosen to include someone just to be able to kill'em off later the season (remember how the only person still alive from the tail-section of Oceanic Flight 815 is Bernard?). And well, they did a pretty good job in making this one count. The end of the episode was really pretty dark - and the first episode this season, that was not totaly obliterated in my head by whatever I happned to watch next.
Then again, it is allways a not-so-good sign for a show, if I only like the episodes off, isn't it. After I really enjoyed season one of LOST, it went pretty downhill from the beginning of season 2. My favorite episode since than has been The other 48 days, portraying what had happned to the survivors of the tailsection since the crash. And now there is Exposé, again a fast-motion episode, that just gives an alternative view of events occuring in the time since the crash.
Other shows I started to like only the episodes that were not using the predomminant modus operandi included Star Trek Voyager (every episode that didn't actually involve the voyage back to earth, like alternativ Universe/Timeline stuff), Ally McBeal (almost every storyline that didn't actually include the nameing charakter) and of lately all the Episodes of Crossing Jordan that didn't include the than pregnant Jill Hennessy but favorites like Devan Maguire and Detectiv Matt Seely. So go figure.

P.S. Yeah, I know, this postings title dosen't make any sense, but it seemd a good idea at the time ....

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