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21 März 2007

CSI: Miami - Kings of trash

Spoiler für 5x18, Tripple Threat and Crossing Jordan Season 6.

Well, I really thought, the Tsunami-Episode was the trashiest we would ever see on CSI: Miami (apart from being just simply tasteless). But female identical triplets? I guess they feel pretty smart over there, for featuring triplets portraied by just one actress (in case you were wondering, the Actress was the well known Leslie Bibb, who was a castmember on Popular, Emergency Room, Line of fire and most recently on Crossing Jordan - and she surely has no two identical siblings). Of course filming teh episode includes some sophisticated FX, and from a filmmakers point of view, you can be kind of proud to realise such an episode on a TV budget. But Storywiese? Trashyyyyyy!
On a site note: nice political statement; the only decent (seeming) charakter in the episode was a guy who makes a living of displacing people (a miamibased landdeveloper, who made a fortune by basicly force poor people to leave their homes, then building upscale buildings and selling those off for a huge profit - and now everybody else tries to steal / inherite his fortune; let's remember the old proverb: Behind every fortune there is a crime). Pretty unbelivable that Horatio (also known as the most selfrightous guy from Miami) would pad him on the back for being a good father ...

[Momentan in Winamp: Tocotronic - Jungs hier kommt der Masterplan ]

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