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16 März 2007

Charlie, he's my brother

Spoiler für LOST 3x12, Par Avion.

Okay, that was a plot twist I didn't expect. And I'm still not sure, if I liked it or not.
So, it is LOST as usual: the writers present us with a coincidence that surely is no coincidence at all. I mean, that's what they do all the time. For no apperent reason. They hide the numbers everywhere (like on the jersyes of a soccerteam on the airport), let Hugo read the comicbook that Walt later reads, not to mention the polarbear in it, they let Sawyer share a drink with Jacks father and Boone a run-in with Sawyer in a police station. It all seems so over the top, way out of subtilville on the Highway to cheesytown. It has me in a who cares mood. But now they presenet us with a new 'big one': Jack and Claire share a father, but both don't know. Jack dosen't know that his father knocked up an australian Lady, and Claire thougt for all her live her father was dead - when indeed he was exiled from her life and it's not like he objected. Only when her mother landed herself in a coma, he returns, but his name is never revealed to his estranged daughter.
In fact, this is one crossroad where I, as an engaged viewer, have to ask myself: did they plan it from the start, or did they just wing it. At least, we now know why Jacks father went to Australia in the first place. But then again: wouldn't he have talked to Sawyer about his son in America, he hadn't seen in like a week, but about his daughter which he just had a run-in with a few hours ago on that fatefull night in some Sidney bar?
I'm such a pushover for beliving The-writers-that-are intended it to pen out this way from the start. Gee, I hated them for the first autumn run of the show, but now they got me pocketed again.

On a different note: there are TV-shows I watched from start to end after they were finished. You know, in like a crazy one or two week run, back-to-back. Angel, for instance. They managed to develop the show, but yet I enjoyed to watch it from it's first clumsy monster-of-the-week steps to the last battle in the end. I wonder if I could enjoy LOST in that way, when it finaly ends after like five seasons.

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