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19 Februar 2007

Yang's Anatomy?

SPOILERS for Grey's Anatomy, Episode Drowning on dry land (3x16)!

So OK. There is one thing, no american TV show has done yet - and probably never will ever. Even with the everybody is fair game policy first implemented a few years back on 24, no (naming) charakter ever really died in any TV show. At least not for long. So we can be pretty sure, Meredith will not stay dead for much time longer. I wonder, why the next episode is titled Some kind of miracle ...
But cudos to show creator Shonda Rhimes. When I learned, that Denny Duqette mime Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who's charakter has been dead for some time now) would have a brief return, I never could have guessed, what he would appear as. That's what makes a writer (as Rhimes has written this special episode, too) great: the viewer has all the puzzle parts, but is very surprised, what the puzzle looks like once he puts in that one last piece.

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