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26 Februar 2007

The OC - Ende einer (kurzen) Ära

Spoiler für die allerletze O.C., California - Episode ever, 4x16: The End's Not Near, It's Here

So, The OC is over. And they knew beforehand, so they had time to think about it, plan it, do it right. First of they were a little bit in a pickle: after one of the central charakters left the show at the end of season three (Micha Bartons Marissa), it needed to restructure. And very soon in the process of restructuring came the announcement of it's ultimate demise later that year with a shortened 16-episode season. So the fourth season was kind of entertaining - but it didn't realy build up momentum. It was more a sum of it's parts kind of thing.
As always it is interesting, what the showrunners will come up with, when they design their last episode. More so, if it's not a could be our last episode - but we could as well get another season-situation (you know, like Everwood or Judging Amy). So, what did Josh Schwarzt do. He did the old we jump some time to the future, question everything we built up this season and go back to the things everyone expected ploy. With a look into the future jumpMontage as an ending. Kinda tearjerking, but I'm not great with sheading tears. It made me kind of nostalgic though, almost misty eyed - and that is a lot with me. It realy felt like an end, a departure. It  is  over. It did make me a little sad. And that is fine with me.
Two observations though. First, it is mentioned that a real live couple on the fictional show The Valley had split up. As The Valley always has been used as a metaphore for The O.C. (you know, kind of a show in the show thing), I had to look up if Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson still are a couple - which they are not. So, a bald move to bring that joke. Second, no one else liked that we jump into the future for our last episode approach. As reports, almost one fourth of the people who initialy tuned in, didn't finish the whole hour. That's truly sad and not deserved.

P.S. As an added bonus, here are two Interviews with show creator Josh Schwartz.

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