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23 November 2006

This Week in TV (S)

Hab ich nicht mal behauptet, ich würde bestimmte spoilerlastige Artikel komplett in Englisch schreiben?! Nun, hier wird es dafür endlich mal Zeit.
What was wrong last weekend on TV? There were so much things, I found pretty disturbing:

  • Dexter (Shrink Wrap): What's with all the skin, dude?? Why all of a sudden the need, not only to go all L Word with your two more attractive (read: skinny) female leads, but to have crime scene fotos of three suicide victims, who shot themselves - naked, in their respective bathtubs (and later explaining only the unusualy violent method, but never, why in the bathtub). In unrelated news: we get it, you gave Dexters father (portrayed by the fabulous James Remara full season contract - but we are bored by flashbacks now!

  • Without A Trace (Watch over Me): I hear you ... OK, Danny helped Martin with his addiction and stuff. But what's with Martins language all of a sudden. He seems like someone, trying desperatly, to be cool (have you seen their fist knocking? Ridiculous!). On the other hand, I realy do digg the episodes, where the girls make one team and the boys the other one - it's just allways fun.
    Liked Sams I-don't-care-attitude towards Jacks revelation. Even liked more to see Sam being baffled by Jacks second revelation. On the other hand: isn't anyone supposed not to know that Anne is pregnant, or that Jack fathered the Cild. Both facts seemed to be pretty obvious to the staffers (at least in my eyes ...)

  • Veronica Mars (Lord Of the Pi's)
  • : We like the show, because it's smart - but this particular episode was way to smart for me. Hey, they even presented me with a popcultural refference I didn't get in this episode.
  • Brothers & Sisters (Mistakes Were Made, Part II): did they go just a little crazy on the actors mentioned in the credits, or what?? 10 members of the main cast, three (!) special guest stars (Special Guest Star Tom Skerritt, with Special Guest Star Treat Williams and Special Guest Star Rob Lowe) and then add the 8 guest starring actors of the week ...nuttso!

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (The Option Period): finaly Sorkin noticed, that he alredy had a huge cast to begin with, to which he immediatly started adding charakters - so he had to let go some, starting with my beloved Evan Handler and Carlos Jacott (who gives me the creaps, ever since the season three premiere of Buffy, in which he portrayed a demon, hunting down LA streetkids).
    And in a fairly obvious attempt to mock the events on the episode, my bakery started selling their products in paperbags payed for T-C*om ...

[Momentan in Winamp: The White Stripes - I Just Don't Know What To Do W]

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