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06 April 2006

S: Who's it gonna be, Rory Gilmore?

SPOILER für Gilmore Girls Season 6.

Every time a TV-Show including a more or less young but always attractive female main charakter, one of the main questions is, with whom she is going to ride of in the sunset in the end. We all wondered if Carrie would stay with the russian, get her Mr. Big or simply be on her own, when Sex and the City ended. And did we realy like the answer, the showrunners offered us? Same for Felicity Porter and Josephine Potter (although we of corse like this particular fictional ending, thank you very much - the real life ending creaps us out beyond describing ...).

A seventh season for the Gilmore Girls has been ordered, but it is not sure, if there will be an eighth yet. But there are some casting news that propose, that we might alredy have met all of Rorys possible Happy Ends. So time to have an unspioled look at what might happen.

  • Dean: Rorys Dean. He was her first. He ruined his marriage with her (if not for her). We all do remember how Richard opposed him at first, stating that he simply wasn't good enough for Rory - and everybody was a little mad at Richard. Turned out, Dean came to the same conclusion in time.
    Dean is somewhat of the 'safe guy' - he would never hurt Rory. He will probably get a college-degree at some point and get some mid-level desk job. He could be a safe place, to which Rory could return every time from her illustrus reporting gigs. But do we see Rory ending up like that? With a carrying but somewhat dull guy, whose greatest purpose in live it is, to love Rory? Neh ...

  • Jess on the other hand offers somewhat of a live in instability. He surely is not the most stable guy to end up with - his path in life seems to be more rocky. Left by his father, rebelling against his mother, ending up in Stars Hollow, continuing to rebell, leaving, not getting his own spinn-off. Man, what a live. Now he claimed his live back, became a published writer. But still he chooses his path one day at a time, as it seems. No safty net for our beloved Rory. No retreat from a challenging working world. A daily struggle instead. But interesting all the way. Secretly, I hope Rory chooses him.

  • Logan. Logan Huntzberger. At first, I hated him. He was so smug. He surely had differnet (sexual) morales then our cute little Rory. But then: how would Rory have developed, if her mother wouldn't have rebelled? If she, our bright and young Rory, would have been told every day of her childhood what was expected of her? If she never would have had the freedom to explore the world on her own, develop her curiosity. Imagine poor Rory always being forced to accomplish things. Wouldn't she have rebelled the way Logan did? Not as Lorelai did - breaking out completely - but taking every bit of freedom that she could? So, thanks to Lorelai for spareing her that fate. And this thoughts make Rorys affection to Logan a little bit more accessible. As to the question, if she is going to end up with him: it depends.
    In Season six it seems that Logan will follow the path laid for him by his family. I don't think Rory would want this path for herself (or the path as a 'trophy-wive' that would be laid out for her in this scenario). On the other side if Logan decides to break wirh his family, he might get on a path that would bring Rory to his side.
    But after all: Logan is awfully spoiled ...

  • Paris: OK, it might be a little bit tacky, to propose this match. But then again: take a look at Paris boyfriend Doyle. He is a little small and you could describe him as girlish (my appologies to the actor portraying him, Danny Strong). For Paris the step to homosexuality seems to be a small one. Paris fits one of the clichés, that let's women turn out gay - and television works with clichés. And we trust the people at Gilmore Girls to make good choices. So they wouldn't make such a storyline just for publicity.
    So now we only need to turn Rory gay. I don't want to alarm any one, but it seems that Logans sexual morales are on a good way to spoil Rory to the male half of society. And last episode had some powerful Rory-and-Paris-are-lamenting-about-giving-up-men-altogether moments ... well, before Rory and Logan and Paris and Doyle made up.

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